Syrian Refugee: ‘I don’t want to die’

December 2013: Syria's Sickness

In an effort to give a voice to the Syrian people, GSDM Latin America Editor and photographer Diego Cupolo wrote Seven Syrians: War Accounts From Syrian Refugees a non-fiction book by 8th House Publishing going to be released in January 2014. Seven Syrians presents the war as experienced through Syrian refugees living in Reyhanl, a […]

Global South Development Magazine December 2013 edition published!

December 2013: Syria's Sickness

Download your free copy here 14 Dec, 2013, HELSINKI, Global South Development Magazine’s December 2013 issue has been published today. This edition focuses on the protracted conflict in Syria and its consequences on ordinary civilians. In this edition of GSDM, our Latin America editor Diego Cupolo takes you to the refugee camps of Turkey-Syria border and […]

Reinventing a New Model for Education in Rural Nepal


By MANOJ BHUSAL (Text & Photos) A Public school in western Nepal offers a new educational model that could significantly change Nepal’s primary and secondary education system. Public schools in Nepal do not excite many as they are not renowned for quality education. Establishment of democracy in 1990 gave rise to privatization and private schools […]

The False Promises of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness


By Dr. David L. Luechauer /Guest Contributor, GSDM Some foreign observers claim that GNH provides ideological cover for repressive and racist policies. Love it or hate it, one thing is clear, the pursuit of GNH does not appear to be helping the people of Bhutan rise to a higher standard of living. Through self-promotion and with the […]

What do children play in the Colombian conflict?

Colombia Child Soldiers

By LAURA D. ORTIZ/GSDM  According to the Happy Planet Index in 2012, Colombia is positioned as the 3rd happiest country in the world. The HPI results, that consider this country among other nations as Costa Rica and Vietnam, are based on three main components: experienced well-being, life expectancy and ecological footprint. But, how come one of […]

The world’s largest refugee camp: what is the future for Dadaab?


  Advin Arnby Machata/ GSDM West Africa Dadaab, the 20-year-old refugee camp spawned by the Somali Civil War, has become a perpetual humanitarian disaster, with thousands of people malnourished, without shelter or any means of subsistence. Providing what little health care and social services there are in the camps still costs the Kenyan government and […]

Graffiti on the Great Wall: The Hidden Street Art Culture of Beijing

Photo credit: Carolynn Look

Beijing, China. Hundreds of buildings tower over the people that bustle between them every day. Some get demolished, some get rebuilt, some just get a fresh layer of paint. But what strikes you as you walk through this eclectic monster of a city is that none of its buildings are covered in tags or graffiti […]